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We offer new installation and upgrade services for your garage door springs and other parts.

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Our Garage Door Springs Niles is the company who can handle any door service you need them to do. If it has to do with a garage door we are well trained to handle it. All of our employees know everything there is to know about a door. We will do commercial or residential services.  We do garage door repairs,installations/replacements and maintenance. We have a 24/7 emergency service which will always have us here to answer the phone when you call. If you need services, call us, and you will be getting the best company around.

Garage Door SpringsNiles is a village in Cook County, Illinois. In this village there are about 29,000 people living there. This beautiful village offers a lot of charm. While there you can check out the Chesterfield Gardens Park, Four Flags Shopping Center and Grennan Heights Park. Our Garage Door Springs Niles is a company who is confident they can take care of all door services handed to them.

Door springs are an important part of the operation of a door. If you did not have springs on your door then it would crash down every time you try and open the door. Our Niles Garage Door Springs is the company that can take care of all of your overhead door springs. We provide them, we install them and we repair them.  Our company can take great care of your door springs so call and give us that chance.

There are two basic kinds of springs. There is extension springs and there is torsion coil trampoline springs.  They are both good springs. Springs are a touchy part. What we mean by this is if you are not a professional you can hurt yourself by trying to do torsion springs replacement or an extension springs repairs. There have been many reports of people being injured or even killed trying to replace springs. Do not take that chance. If you have a door broken spring call our Garage Door Springs Niles today.

There are also galvanized door torsion springs as well as galvanized extension springs

These are coated with a white material. These look great hanging on your garage door and will not rust as fast as some springs will. There are also oil tempered springs.  These are springs that are soaked in oil and are made to last longer.

We are popular for our garage door springs service but we also do other services like our repair service. We handle all repairs having to do with a door here at our Garage Door Springs Niles.  All you've to do is call us and tell us you have a repair needed on your commercial or residential door. Below is a list of repairs we can do and parts we can repair.

  •     genie repair at Niles
  •     bent tracks garage  at Niles
  •      door opener repair at Niles
  •     garage door motor repair at Niles
  •     Liftmaster sensor repair at Niles
  •     Garage door adjustment at Niles
  •     Cable snapped at Niles
  •     Garage door off track at Niles
  •     Broken door hinge at Niles
  •     Broken spring repair at Niles
  •     Broken spring replacement at Niles
  •     Garage door opener repair at Niles
  •     Garage door cable repair at Niles
  •     Garage door tracks at Niles
  •     Broken door springs at Niles
  •     Garage door panel repair at Niles
  •     Garage door cable repair at Niles
  •     Garage door torsion spring repair at Niles
  •     Broken glass at Niles
  •     Replace door panel at Niles
  •     Bottom seal repair at Niles
  •     Bottom rubber repair at Niles
  •     Garage door brackets at Niles
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