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Our garage door repair teams are also experts troubleshooting cables and tracks

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Our company in Niles, Illinois has serviced the surrounding community and earned our customer’s trust through excellent and timely service. When door cables & tracks give our customers problems, our  contractor is their first call. We have highly skilled technicians on call around the clock and seven days a week. When the problem is a broken cable, cable came off drum, lose cable, or the cable snapped, all it takes is a call to our repair specialists in Niles to fix it up. We can replace garage track or repair bent garage door track depending upon the needs of the garage door and owner.

Garage door repairs are rarely a safe do it yourself weekend project

Garage Door Cables & Tracks Our experts in Niles are there to make sure that the door off track gets back on track fast. Whether the door repair is as simple as fixing a broken emergency release, which is required by law or the need to replace section of garage door our fully trained technicians arrive promptly and finish as quickly as possible. Often having professionals install bottom garage door rubber strips or weather strips can mean a savings in cooling and heating by weatherproofing the garage door. Whatever the repair required our company/contractor has the expertise to provide prompt and friendly service.

Garage door maintenance /adjustment can help prevent unexpected and untimely repair expenses. Inspecting door tracks regularly, lubrication maintenance and routinely tightening brackets and fixtures help extend the life of a quality garage door. Garage door maintenance/adjustment is just one more service we offer the community of Niles to make life easier and their garage doors endure.

Garage door replacement & installation is serious business to us at Niles, Illinois. To get the most from a door in terms of life and usefulness the door must b securely placed and properly installed. Garage door professionals are best qualified to install or replace this investment in aesthetics and home security.  We offer our customers in Niles IL the widest choice of both materials and styles in garage doors. Garage door windows that need replacement or installation are no challenge to our well-trained technicians.

Glass garage doors, which at one time were almost exclusively used for businesses, are now becoming more popular in residences. Glass garage doors can be heavy and it is best if you let our professional installers do the heavy work for you.

Materials for replacement/installation can be traditional wood garage doors, aluminum doors, popular and durable steel doors or Craftsman doors. These doors come in a wide range of styles that can suit almost any style in architecture and budget.

Garage door springs are a crucial part of the system. When broken spring repair/replacement in required in Niles our customers know they can trust us to provide quality replacement garage door springs for torsion springs, extension springs and galvanized springs. Galvanized springs are often chosen where humidity, exposure to the elements, or corrosive conditions may cause rust to the springs.  Anytime a spring needs replacement or adjustment the homeowner is strongly advised to call professionals. Garage door springs are high tension springs and calibrated exactly for the distance and weight they must lift. Attempting to install the extension or torsion spring without proper safety precautions has resulted in serious injuries and even death to the untrained installer in some cases. This is not a job for someone who doesn’t know exactly what they are doing and we urge our customers to call the professionals in repair such as ours In Niles IL.

Brand name Garage Door Openers and garage door openers troubleshooting is just one more service we provide for our valued customers in the community of Niles. Quality names in garage door openers are not enough and we also provide professional, installation for these modern conveniences.  Our dedication to service for our Niles IL customers is evident in the brand names we offer like:

·         Genie door opener is popular and economical

·         Liftmaster door opener is a choice for those mindful of both budget and security

·         Chamberlain door opener is a popular practical brand

·         Craftsman door opener resembles the tools after which it was named in durability and longevity

·         Sears door opener is a standard in door openers

·         Marantec door opener is a German designed and American made high quality door opener.

Our garage door company/contractor believes in offering our customers the highest quality brands in these modern day essentials.

Garage Door Remotes are security conscious devices that allow the driver to open their garage door without braving wind, rain, ice, snow or the dark. Choosing a good remote to work with the garage door opener is essential so that the unit serves its purpose. We offer major brands and types such as the Clicker remote that serves as a functional remote for almost every type of opener.  We take pride in offering the Liftmaster Security plus and the Genie Intellicode remote, both of which feature a changing code so that the security can’t easily be compromised.  The Multi Code remote is highly useful when it is necessary to broadcast codes to two openers simultaneously.

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